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The wider space between the ring apron and the cell walls allowed for entering and exiting the ring [and for cameras to be situated at ringside]. The original concept for the Hell in a Cell structure was created by Jim Cornette.

On an October video podcast, Vince Russo said Cornette probably did come up with the concept, but the name "Hell in a Cell" came from him. The Undertaker has been involved in the most Hell in a Cell matches having competed in fourteen and has the record for most victories at eight. Other appearances and variations The structure itself has made four additional appearances, although WWE does not consider them to be Hell in a Cell matches.

The match consisted of a standard steel cage with the cell placed atop it, and the object was to escape from both the cage and cell while trying to avoid guard dogs that were placed between the ring and cell door.

Hell in a Cell

Snow, the first competitor to escape the steel cage and the cell, was declared the winner. This was as good as it gets in tag team wrestling for in a likely blowoff match that was the cherry on top to an incredible feud.

A The "penitentiary" tables have officially turned!

фото hell in a cell

But despite Rusev dominating the action throughout, Orton rallied. The finish was a series of reversals. After Orton hit an elevated DDT, his attempt to pound on the canvas and go "to that place" was countered by Rusev, who set him up for the Accolade.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 results: Owens retains, Charlotte wins women's title

But Orton slithered away to hit an RKO, quite literally out of nowhere, to get the While this has been far from the most exciting or important feud, both competitors did well to add intensity.

Tye Dillinger via pinfall and AJ Styles c to win the title: The late addition of Dillinger into the match during the kickoff show opened up the opportunity to protect the main protagonists from losing clean.

фото hell in a cell

Considering Dillinger played as big of a part in this feud as Styles or Corbin, it made sense. To his credit, the "Perfect 10" took the step-up opportunity and did well to help the match exceed expectations.

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Corbin hit the spot of the match when he intercepted a Phenomenal Forearm and reversed Styles into a chokeslam backbreaker from the top rope. Styles rallied late to hit a stunning springboard splash on Corbin but saw his victory stolen when Dillinger broke up the pin.

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Corbin did the same moments later after Styles applied his Calf Crusher on Dillinger. In the end, Styles hit Dillinger with the Phenomenal Forearm but was literally booted out of the ring by an advantageous Corbin to steal the pin and the title.

During the distraction, Mahal attacked Nakamura from behind.

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Nakamura attempted to fight off the three, but was overwhelmed. A frustrated Owens shoved Shane, who shoved back, allowing Styles to defeat Owens to retain the title. During the match, Shane took over referee duties after Corbin walked out on the match. Styles took advantage and defeated Owens to retain the championship again.

Owens agreed on the condition that Vince would allow him to beat a McMahon senseless if provoked.

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After agreeing and shaking hands, Owens attacked Vince with a headbutt, a super kick, and a frog splash. Vince refused to be carried out on a stretcher and walked out of the ring, helped by his daughter Stephanie McMahon her first cable television appearance since WrestleMania The same night, Owens, via satellite, apologized for attacking Vince, but blamed Shane for his actions. As the two were about to fight, they were stopped by General Manager Daniel Bryan, who scheduled a match between the two.

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Owens defeated Zayn by referee stoppage after performing a powerbomb onto the ring apron. After the match, Owens attacked Zayn, but Shane appeared.

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